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Search Secondhand is an online directory for bricks and mortar second hand stores, yards and markets throughout Australia.

It unites second hand stores of all categories and brings them together forming one simple, effective and easy to navigate website.

With detailed information for each store including photos and visual images, trading hours, contact details, a map and links to store website and social media; delivers fast and accurate store information results to the customer from their chosen category and/or location. Customers have the ability to search for stores via location; making it ideal for both travellers and locals wanting to browse all types of second hand stores in a particular area. is unique to other directory websites is unique as it is not aimed solely at a particular style of second hand goods, such as vintage for example; It is designed to reach a much wider range of customers and be the go to directory for ALL things secondhand. 

From building supplies to high end designer fashion, guitars to furniture, bridal gowns to gardening supplies......and everything in-between!

How can benefit your business, even if you already have an active online presence.

On most occasions, new customers will not know the name of your business, making it difficult for them to find you online. Achieving high Google and search engine rankings based on generic keywords is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for smaller businesses or websites that are not constantly updated and optimised; which can be costly and time consuming. 

Even if your store has an active social media presence, a potential customer cannot visit your page or your store if they do not know it exists. 

On customers have the option to share your store on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr, Linkedin or via email; giving your store even more online presence and greater exposure.

Consumers want fast, accurate search results; if this is not delivered, potential customers will move onto something or somewhere else. allows customers to find your store with only a few simple clicks!



Physical bricks and mortar walk in shops, yards and markets of all categories can advertise.
Your ‘store’ MUST sell second hand items of some form. Stores with New and Used goods are also acceptable.
PLEASE NOTE: Search Secondhand does NOT advertise Online Stores, Social Media Marketplaces, Op Shops or Charity Stores.


To get started simply fill in the below form and we will contact you to discuss options to best suit you and your business.